Quarantine Epistles Vol 2:199

*Stephen’s Defense: Part 10* Acts 7:51-53.
“You stiff-necked people, uncircumcised in heart and ears, you always resist the Holy Spirit. As your fathers did, so do you. “Which of the prophets did your fathers not persecute? And they killed those who announced beforehand the coming of the Righteous One, whom you have now betrayed and murdered, “you who received the law as delivered by angels and did not keep it.”

Dear Strangers and Aliens in this World, 
Stephen concluded his address with a stinging rebuke at the unbelief of his hearers. 

*Resistance* (v. 51).The people of Stephen’s time were following a trend that was millennia old. At the heart of it was resistance against the Holy Spirit. The prophets had spoken by the Holy Spirit, as was Stephen, but the inclination of the people since the time of Moses had been to go against God’s servants. 

*Rejection* (v. 52).They had characteristically rejected the Righteous One, the anointed Messiah of God (Isaiah 53:11) as their fathers before them had, and betrayed and had killed Jesus, just as their fathers had persecuted the prophets who had foretold the coming of the Christ. 

*Rebellion* (v. 53).It was not out of ignorance that the people had disobeyed the law. They knew that it had been given through the agency of angels, yet they still disobeyed. If one’s heart is unbelieving, it cannot be brought to obedience by a set of rules, not even from God himself. Sinners will remain rebellious until they yield to Jesus who will transform them (2 Corinthians 5:17). Have you? 

Pastor Chris’ Corona Quarantine Epistles to the Flock of AIC Ngong Road, in Dispersion and Isolation, Vol. 2, No. 199.Posted Wednesday, 06/10/2021.

Your Loving Pastor Chris.


MyStoryYourStory Episode 3

My Sweet man was a demon, his texts became condolence messages….
I wish i knew became my morning song,

The idea of men, the sound of it, kills me, it breaks me, the thought cut me into pieces, just the mention of men, crushes my whole being. I have cried a million tears,i have taken longer showers it could not wash the memories, the towel could not dry them either.

Men are selfish, men are complicated, men are rubber band, men used me.

Now i am in a jail of my own making, self harm, self cutting, seem my closest pal, my body is tattood with needle and pins from self mutilation. My wallet got more razors than coins. I feel like everyone is laughing at me, i want to run away, but all the exits are closed apart from the one on the other side of the knife. I am embarrassed of the woman i have become. I have taken pills to my fill, i have thought of jumping over the balcony, i have tolerated suicidal thoughts. I feel my living is more torturers than death. I have written enough notes, I just wish i was enveloped in the grave already.

Stress is stressing me out, i do not sleep demons are chasing me out of my bed. Am unable to think straight, how can i? my shadow is too dark, i cannot even face myself, food lost taste, the idea of hunger and satisfaction are strange in my reality, i am the definition of pain,

I am struggling to get back up….2b conti

MyStoryYourStory Episode 2

……I stared at him, our eyes locked,
I lost control, and my future was chained in tears…

I can remember his first words, vividly… hey beautiful, are you from around? Coz you look like an angel, who has just fallen from the sky. I wanted to answer but somehow, words refused to come out of my mouth.

I was thrilled, giddy, a school girl, non had flatter with me since birth,
curiosity led me astray, i followed my heart, it was the easiest decision,
It led me to his arms, you may think it was too fast, too quick, you may say i have no brains, because in no time i made home in his bed.
A kiss of deception, a cuddle, the right words, the wrong place, an innocent soul, poor me.
I was supposed to know better, to learn, to read between the lines, right? i know better, have seen my friends, relative fall into the trap of love, unexpected sex, but hey, i love adventure, and he gave me just that, i cant blame me, he was the kind you cannot ignore, the kind whose appearance make your knees weak, his voice make you long for more, a combination of Mwakazi and Mark Masai, his touch was magical, his kiss a fantasy, i know am a fool, a fool for being human, for Loosing control, putting the guard down. He was there, like a prey, watching my every move, sniffing my steps, and he was careful, patient like a cook, taking his time, preparing the dish, the utensils, the table, until the right time to enjoy the meal, every bite.
The memories tear me into pieces, i can remember the first time he touched me, my whole body boiled, my bones melted, he was as perfect as the morning sun, i saw heavens open, the possibility of us was better than fairytale, i saw a soap opera unfolding before my eyes, i was Juliet, he was Romeo, little did i know he was just a man and i was wrong.

My Sweet man was a demon, his texts became condolence messages, 2bconti’

MyStoryYourStory Episode 1

#MyStoryYourStory Episode 1

….am not sure where to start from, the beginning is too sad, okay I was naive, but none of you will care about that, you are used to judging, anyway,

I can almost hear your criticism – she is a bad girl, prostitute, a drug addict, naughty, and such, some will say, i got myself pregnant, that i could have used a condom.Its my fault.

I can’t help my heavy eyes as I pen this. Love, if it ever exists, then it ruined me, i have cried a thousand tears, I am a broken woman

It all started like a movie, the Romeo and Juliet kind, You know, I have been watching soap operas ever since i was a kid, but i was not prepared to be the star in any, let alone the movie of my life.

I was Rose and he was Leonardo DiCaprio in the Titanic, love at first sight, its like when you just see something good, and your whole system seem to be enjoying the moment,
you smile sheepishly, Your legs draw some maps on the ground, your eyes glow, your hair rises with the wind, you can’t help but blush, You can hear yourself falling, Your heart is pumping first, blood is almost gushing out, but

….i stared at him, our eyes locked, i lost control and my future was chained in tears….Welcome to my darkness, 2bcont’

Nani atasimama?

Tunapay fee for services za free
Ni utumishi kwa wote ama utu missing kwa wote
Ama ni utumishi kwa wote bora una kitu kwa wallet
Dotors unethical Teachers immoral
Anayefaa kukulinda ameTurn na kukuwinda
C ajabu Mfunzi kuRape Mwanafunzi
Mchungaji amekuwa Mwizi
Jogoo amemshika kifaranga na kumnajisi
Wanakondo wamekuwa mafisi

Nani atasimama?

Una Millions kwa Bank na your neighbor hana cha kuvaa
Food inaSpoil kwa fridge na jirani anakufa njaa
10millionairs na 10million beggars-man eat man society-few through corruption are comfortable –majority consumption ni struggle

Nani atasimama?

Our system is corrupt-Leaders mislead us
Biashara ya Drugs,Child-trafficking, Prostitution, Pornography, na Poaching ndio zinapay
Koti ni wenye Masuit ndio wanaafford justice
Mambo c barabara-tunaogopa traffic police kuliko overspeeding drivers
Life yangu inadepend kwa daktari alipass exams through leakage
Tunaishi V-wrong na tunaDemand for our Rights
KuSeek change na vote na rohoni tribalism inaRot

Nani atasimama?

Ku-expect change from wanasiasa –nika kuAdvertise slim possible turkana-kununulia kipofu sun glasses ama Rasta kichana-zote ni effort zero ka kupaka giza rangi
Nani ataset the Standard-for the Citizen of this Nation
Nani ataRaise the Bar ata bei ya pombe ikishuka

Nani atasimama….nani atakuwa tofauti….nani ata Hesabika
Nani atasimama?

If role model ni American top model c soon bikini na mini zitakuwa vazi rasmi ofisini?
Immorality imekuwa swag-Ukizini unaBrag
Sex inaSell cheaply ka chipo mwitu
Wanavaa tights but the bodies are loose
Twitter tunafollow Jeff streets tunafollow Koinange
Wewe ni mfaithful ju unaogopa simba wa Judah ama Cheaters?

Nani atasimama?

Defination ya beauty ni length ya dress- handsome ni weight ya wallet
C siri youths tukoLost ka Series
Unaeza vaa Booktop, Rubbers,Pencil but until life yako God akuwe Ruler huwezi kuwa Set
Uyo sponsor anakubaia kiatu muulize ka anajua bei ya soul
Christian by name but tabia ni shame-Navio kaa navio vaa me na dunia ni same
Beauty outwardly ndani very ugly-Uso nimepodoa Roho imejaa madoadoa
Mdomo nimeosha maneno imeoza
Latest fashion nimeng’ara mawazo zimeparara
Nimevaa guchi na akili iko uchi
Beautiful smile na roho ni ya Carlota
If indeed we are 80% christias then our faith is sick na dawa ni action
Nalilia Utamu wa Yesu na Kiatu Cjakivua
We are lost in sin and we are too blind to see-like failing exams while you have the answers
Tunavaa Spaghetti na Carrot nabado tunalia njaa
Who will deny the flesh and invest in the spirit

Nani ataset the Standard-for the Citizen of this Nation
Nani ataRaise the Bar ata bei ya pombe ikishuka

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Mke ni simu ya mkononi sio simu ya jamii
Mke ni nguzo la familia
Kuishikilia kama
Sikio na kipuli
Nyung’u na meko
Mke ni shamba la maua
Anahitaji kupaliliwa
Maji kumwagiliwa
Mbolea kutiliwa
Mke ni jumba la kifahari barabarani
Huvutia njiani
Kumfanya kila apitae kutabasamu
Mke ni utamu wa lugha
Desturi na tamaduni
Mke ni urembo wa dini
Hufuatwa kwa taratibu
Mke ni pumzi la uhai
Sababu ya kuishi
Mke ni madini yakuvutia
Shaba au Fedha
Dhahabu au almasi
Mke ni wasiwasi wa mjini
na utulivu wa mashambani
Mke ni mcheshi na mchangamfu
Humfanya mtu kucheka pekee yake
Mke ni mwili wa kutamanisha
Anayemtizama hudondokwa na mate
Mke ni ndoto ya asubuhi
inayokatiza usingizi mtamu
Mke ni ari na bidii ya kazi
Sifa humjaa furifuri
Mke ni wimbo wa kiasili
Mtamu kwa sikio na moyoni
Sauti ya kumtoa nyoka pangoni na kumtia mpangoni
Mke ni kitabu cha kung’ang’aniwa maktabani
Hekima ni jina lake la pili
Mke ni msichana asiyeleleshwa kwa mali, pesa au magari
Uzuri wake unadhihirika kwa tabia
Mke ni Urembo unaonekana kwa mbali
vipuli na shanga
Mikufu na vipini
Mke ni nira imara kama mwamba
Huongozwa kwa mikakati, nguzo na kanuni zinazokubalika
Mke ni simu ya mkononi
Hawachwi nyuma, Hushinda mkononi
Mke ni simu ya mkononi sio simu ya jamii
Jukumu la mmoja
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From the beginning through now, Jesus, you have shown me through many variables that your love is a constant,
From the fall of man, you had the cross in mind to redeem me…
Genesis, you are the ram in Abraham’s alter
Exodus, you are the Passovers lamb
Leviticus, you are our high priest
Numbers He’s the cloud by day and the pillar of fire by night
Deuteronomy He’s the city of our refuge
In Judges He’s our ultimate judge
Ruth Jesus you are my kinsman’s redeemer
In Samuel, you called me, chose me, elected me, picked me, as a kid
Kings n Chronicles you are my forever reigning king
Ezra He’s our faithful scribe
Nehemiah He is the re-builder of everything that is broken…relationships, our hearts our lives
Esther He is Modecai sitting faithful at the gate
Job He is my redeemer who forever lives
Psalms He is my shepherd I shall not want
In Proverbs He is my wisdom
Ecclesiastics Jesus is the essence of our existence, everything without Him is vanity,
Great kids and a beautiful wife
Wealth and a good life….all is just a breadth without you
Song of Songs He is the beautiful bridegroom
Isaiah He is the suffering servant
In Jeremiah n Lamentation He is the weeping prophet
Ezekiel He is the wonderful 4-faced man
Daniel He is the 4th person in the fiery furnace
Hosea He is my lv who is forever faithful
Joel He baptizes us with the Holy Spirit
Amos He is our burden bearer
Obadiah He is our savior
Jonah He is the great foreign missionary who takes the word to the world
Micah He is the messenger with the beautiful feet
Nahum He is the avenger
Habakkuk He is watchman ever praying for our revival
Zephaniah He is our Lord mighty to save
Hagai He is the restorer of our lost heritage
Zachariah He is our fountain
In Malachi He is the son of righteousness risen with healing in His wings
This is the 66 Love Letters
Mathew He is the king after the Jews
Mark He is the servant after the gentiles
Luke He is the son of man after me
John Jesus you are God…..first and last
Acts you are winning lost souls and making the church
In Romans He is the fulfillment of the law
Corinthians You are the body of the church
Galatians Jesus you are Grace…
Freedom from sin and the power of law
Ephesians He is the path to maturity
Philippians He is our joy in pain
In Colossians you are the image of the God…first born over all creation
Everything was made by you, and through everything is held together
Thessalonians You are victory over death
Timothy, He is the disciple, the counselor, the teacher, and the mentor…the legacy to leave behind
Titus, He is our great God and savior
Philemon He is the reconciler, .the mediator between master and slave
In Hebrews He is the high priest. The last word from heaven
James He is the action in our faith
Peter, the hope in trials
John you are love…anyone without you lacks the capacity to love
Jude He is the defender of our faith…
In revelation…You are still knocking at my door…
The whole bible the story is one,
A Saint after a sinner
A perfect God after a wicked me
You carried my sorrows, took my infirmities..
Was rejected, despised, oppressed, opposed, afflicted, pierced
Stricken for my transgressions, crushed for my iniquities
Nailed on my behalf..
Your wounds for my righteousness, your cross for my peace
This is The 66 Love letters

what if life was fair?

What if life was fair?
Fair, Just, Equitable, Perfect life?
You need it, you’ve got it,
You invest, you earn,
You give, you receive
You read, you pass….isn’t that fair?
Taps forever flowing,
Electricity eternally on
Roads always clear, no traffic no accidents
Favorable weather, enough rains, sweet sun- no floods, no drought
Good health, full stomachs, brighter faces
Strangers share their smiles freely
Everyone is satisfied, no disappointments, no frustrations
Security is guaranteed, no thieves no robbers, no need for police
Everyone got everything they need
Education would be irrelevant, no schools, no exams, what a life
No interview, any job you apply, you get it
No competition, no one is first, none is last,
No election, no leaders, none is master, none is subject
No anticipation, no anxiety, nothing to look forward to
What if life was fair….
Would it be fun or boring?
No problems, no challenges, nothing to solve, hence, no creativity, zero innovations
No heartbreak, you love her she is yours
No divorce, men remember birthdays and anniversaries easily, and speak the truth
Women understand easily, and submit freely,
No nagging mother in law,
No stubborn teenagers,
No complaining wives,
No cheating husbands
Nothing to be improved, everyone is as comical, interesting and as romantic as you would want them to be
Soap opera would be a foreign language
Football would die, no losers no winners, since any team that prepares well or plays at home would win
Trying would be non-existent in the English dictionary, everyone would do, since every effort is rewarded
No temptation, no salvation,
No wrong hence no right,
No enemies no devil, everyone is perfect
Fair, Just, Equitable, Perfect life?
What if life was fair?
Would it be fun or boring?

the full stop

The fool stops even before God puts a full stop. Its time we understand
Commas are temporary and normal part of everyday life.
Don’t limit yourself to short sentences, phrases and simple lines. There’s more to life.
Smile whenever life gives you humor.
Enjoy the joy that rhymes and similes offer you
When sentences become complex and metaphors are too hard to understand. Poetry is the promise that God offers .Seek it, read it, meditate upon it, find meaning through the lines. The more time you spend with poetry the more you understand it. That’s all God expects from us, seek you will find.
Blessings of meaning are not the key or the goal you should desire. They are a free gift for those who sacrifice their time.
No one knows when their full stop comes. Get prepared then. Some poetry is tragic others humorous, some are lovely, others sad, while some are not what they seem. Don’t compare yours with other peoples.
Don’t live in pretense, cry if you must. Sometimes the meaning of poetry is hidden in parable; just enjoy the grace of readership.
Whether humor and laughter exist in small sentences and pain is a full paragraph, or all your hopes for good life are dwarfed and the poetry is full of misery and disappointments, just put a comma. Quote me “all fairy-tales have a happy ending”.
If you believe, the full stop will bring a beginning of poetry of certainty, poetry of worship with Jesus. Poetry of prosperity. But not until then.
Before the full stop choose to be a fool and stop. Stop fighting, stop pressuring yourself. Stop expecting heaven on earth. Stop and rest. Rest.
Stop stressing your brain cells with this poetry. Treat life as a short sentence. Brief but meaningful. Before the full stop… #fullstop

mike mbuvi sonko

Mike Mbuvi aka Sonko
I will go straight to the point because I have no bush to beat around. We are living in harsh times. very selfish people. We are very quick to disregard one another. We believe whatever we think is supreme and easily dismiss anyone else’s ideas or inputs. Those who offer nothing make the loudest noise. Those who try to assist are called attention seekers.
‘’Serikali saidia’’ we are waiting for employment opportunities 50yrs down the line and we are stuck in the same pit. Population is growing faster than job creation. No jobs? Okay..Give us incentives/handouts and I guarantee productivity. If you can afford it do it. Individuals make the difference not the government. Support one. Reach out to your neighbor.
If only we had 50 sonko minded individuals….
Resources without finances make no wealth. Infrastructure without money constitutes only beauty but not wealth. Let’s take example from Thika super highway, let’s assume the project has saved Kenyans 1hour. Good, but for employees and students along the busy road, it has just increased their sleeping time/hours. Working hours is still 8-5, right? But guess what incentives or handouts would do: increase the number of Miraa vehicles from meru to nai, increase matatus on the busy 8-lane road and hence reduce fares, more entrepreneurs taking fresh fruits from thika to the airport, restaurants and more shops along the road, Etc
After education, the 2nd gift to any society is Sonko. Incentives with no strings attached. Money brings freedom; money builds confidence and gives the necessary tools for self advancement both socially and economically. The future is indeed bright with Sonko.
If only we had 50 sonko minded individuals…
Despite all the efforts and goodwill to mould a generation some individuals will still fail. For the enemies of development, who are quick to dismiss Sonko just because some of his beneficiaries use the handouts in immoral, and other unproductive ways? I got a caution for you. Our education system is like a 100m sprint where the winner takes it all, the rest are left cursing the system. Would you consider abolishing the system just because not all its beneficiaries emerge victorious?
Sonko is rebuilding broken dreams and lives of victims of a failed system. A system filled with corruption and favoritism, where poverty flourishes like trees planted by the streams of water. The government is trying to create an enabling environment but insecurity is driving foreign investors away with the speed of a ferrari. We need money to fully utilise our resources, sadly the same old entrepreneurs got the financial muscles to do so. The rich are growing richer and the poor continue being their slaves.
If only we had 50 sonko minded individuals.
I would understand when people with fulfilling careers and the rich dismiss Sonkos efforts as cheap politics or public relation gimmicks but for a village or a slum boy, he could be the only hope to actualize their potential.
If you don’t approve of what sonko does, don’t make noise, do something, contribute to the change you desire, make a mark, leave a legacy, impact, share whatever you have-love, material, experience, knowledge but most of all finances.
Education develops values skills and positive mental attitudes that open young minds to realize their role in their generation. Incentives/handouts not even employment should be no.2 in government’s development agenda, after education. Development needs inventors, investors’ needs money, and investors are u and I. but, what options do we have in a country where borrowing is so expensive. Banks are offering loans with ridiculously high interest rates. The uwezo and youth funds have demands that limit independence both of thoughts and action. Should i be in a group in order to invest? Cant I be funded alone?
If only we had 50 sonko minded individuals……
Cheap or affordable credit is essential for development, in all sectors households and firms. If we all believe the youth got the energy and potential to drive this nation into growth, give them money.-they will open carwash, cybercafés, wholesales, exhibitions, law firms, schools etc.
What if we had 50 sonkos?
A country isn’t run by the president but policies and those making the budget for health, education, security etc…instead of complaining, its time we sit and think of the difference within our reach. At your work place how are you influencing policy making and therefore influencing people.
I wish we had 50 sonko minded individuals…#sonko #ilovekenya,#kot