My Dear Toilet, have always wanted to tell you this but language fails me and the words to describe what i feel about you escape my mind. Opportunities and time is limited. Every time i visit you in a hurry, i fear what people would say if they see us together for long. Some would say am sick or i ate too much or am ”driving”.

My Dear Toilet, today i fight my insecurities, i will not claim you are dirty if am the reason for it. I will wipe the tears in your surrounding, i will make you as comfortable as anyone would want you to be. I will facial scrub your floor, eyeshadow and eyepencil your walls, lipstick and lipbalm your door, hairfood and stylling gel your roof, Just to make you beautiful.

My Dear toilet, my whole body aches if i miss you, my stomach gets uncomfortable, my mind cant concentrate, i literally cant spend a day without visiting you. I may fear alshabab and electricity but not as much as i fear loosing you. I can survive without a degree, a galaxy phone or even pizza. I can live without sitting room, bath or even bed room, But not without You.

My Dear Toilet, Theres so much i have learn from you. You understand easily, serve freely, treats equally, suffer continually and complain rarely. You don’t discriminate. You are not a respecter of persons. presidents and beggars, queens and prostitutes. the toilet serves them both. it gives each services that can only be measured by their needs. long call or short call, even if you miss a call it doesn’t complain. The TOILET understands.

My Dear Toilet, i once entered a toilet, did my thing, on coming out i realized ppl were staring at me accusingly. Confidently though with fear i decided to find out what was wrong. oops, i had mistakenly entered ladies. i was embarrassed. Everyone was laughing, but to my surprise the TOILET which was the victim of my stupidity did nothing. Man is to error and the TOILET understands. How i wish men were like you.
Man is a learning being, but due to ego and pride we have missed very important lessons from the TOILET. Everyone visits the toilet, not even once a day. It is the first room men visit each morning.

My Dear Toilet, you are actually the most important room yet the smallest in the homestead, most people even put you far behind the main house, BUT you are contented.
My Dear Toilet, unlike people, you allow me to be myself, you allow me to be and feel alone. Thank God there are no cameras in the toilet. some of the things people do in there cannot be mentioned.( not evil though).

My Dear, Whether its a latrine or the modern TOILET, with mirrors or not, it helps one feel comfortable. It relaxes your stomach and hence your mind. You leave the toilet more relieved than even an eating joint.(hotel)
Can you rem the person who taught you how to use the toilet. pause, call them n say thanks. They taught you respect and humility, though you cant see.
Borrowing a toilet paper is the highest form of humility.
We are all equal and same under the sun, so they say. But this is very difficult to understand practically given the huge differences we bear. The rich, The poor, big and small, fat and thin, black and colored. lets face it we are different.
Under the sun we cannot be equal, but under the TOILET we are all same. In the toilet, Our wastes meet, chat and share their stomach experiences, on their way to the sewage. They are same. if only men would treat each other as the TOILET treats them.
Isnt it fun to know that atleast you, The Presidents, queens even that beautiful lady anakuringianga, share something in common. The Toilet.
The toilet humbles everyone. its importance cannot be over emphasised. If only human beings were like the toilet..What a happy world it could be.
We are one. We are same. God created us to respect, understand and serve one another, freely and continually, hope He finds us doing just that….#lovelikeatoilet



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