147, reasons to love
Dear me, in the war between water and stone, water won because of persistence. Not strength but persistence to its course. As I listen to the ordeal that befell my bros in Garissa my eyes get wet and heavy with tears. Am sad but am compelled to love, My bones may hurt but its well with my soul. Love is more powerful than strength.
Dear church, it’s time we start engaging on a different platform, a greater one, united with Christ regardless of denomination. Our difference weakens us. We are only one during tragedies. Our doctrines and statements of faith act as fences; instead of helping us grow deeper in Christ they block others from experiencing Him. Our mandate is not to change the systems of this world but the souls of the people. Pain, problems will always follow s but it is well with our soul.
Dear leaders, I won’t take the path loved by many of blaming, pointing fingers and throwing stones at you. I know you are equally hurting. Allow me ask you one question though, what are you doing beyond the cameras? After those 15 minutes of press conference? Corruption is consuming us like hell. Did someone sleep on their job? Don’t answer me, just correct your wrongs and it will be well with soul.
Dear sympathizers, please realize terrorism is not any religion. Religion is peace terrorism isn’t. Stand. Take responsibility of your Kenyan bros regardless of religion. Rem the silence of the good is worse than the noise of the wicked. Let it hurt you when your bro hurts. Condemn what is evil and it will be well with your soul.
Dear survivors/eye witnesses, those who live the trauma of having witnessed the massacre of their school mates, classmates, roommates, friends, girlfriends. I can only imagine how heavy your hearts is with emotions. Cry if you must, but don’t be tempted to fall In the trap of hatred, vengeance towards them. Them, who can destroy the body but not the soul. Stay strong not because things will get better but coz the soul lives on. Rem our debt is to love, coz it is well with our soul.
Dear alshabab, how do you rejoice in the death of the innocent? How do you take pride watching someone bleed to death? Our hearts are bleeding; your bullets have killed our dreams. Our bones got deep wounds from your machetes, but let me assure you our will is growing stronger and our faith deeper. (They don’t know what they are doing). We love you coz it is well with our soul.
Dear viewers, who were watching pain from the comfort of their couch. On tv and internet from distance far. Don’t be tempted to vent on social media. Trying to find faults in the government isn’t serving us any good. Let your tears lead you to love and it will be well with your soul.
Dear community, if you knew something about the garissa attack before hand and you didn’t do anything to avert the horror; I hope you are now rejoicing as you swim in the pool of the blood of the innocent. If you didn’t know anything rejoice with me coz it is well with your soul.
Dear rescue teams, police force, recce squared, kdf, Red Cross, st John ambulance, health workers, etc… I salute you. It was brave of you. You thought of your fellow Kenyan before yourself. Duty calls first, you heed to your calling. Death peeping and you cared less. For the many lives that were saved, we give thanks. This is your life and you lived it as required of you, it is well with your soul.
Dear The 148, whose lives were prematurely stolen by the gun,. RIP. Hope you arrived safely in paradise. How does it feel to walk on the paths of gold??? I believe David welcomed you with a psalm and an awesome dance as Solomon play an harp. By the way, what did Queen Esther give you for breakfast? I imagine Moses trying to ask you of the experience (stammering) hehehe don’t mind him. Wait, say hi to Sarah and other beautiful ladies up there.
Dear us, eventually we will all die. Our lives are just but a breath. Its vanity. Today we are tomorrow we are not. Be ready. Resolve to love. #147notjustanumber


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